every detail created with care.


we are the stutzmans

The process of taking old items and making them new is never something we get tired of doing! I can’t help but think of redemption when you see the saving of something. My husband and I were baptized a few years ago, and prior to that time we did not have a relationship with Christ. Hallelujah for His love of taking broken things to redeem beautiful! Our family truly feels so blessed to be able to build clocks and make items for our customers homes.

The longer we are in business the more we try and focus on perfecting our product! My husband and I balance each other out fairly well in our business. I believe he has a natural talent at building things having grown up Amish, while I am a very detail-oriented person (which may secretively annoy my husband at times lol). We want to offer our buyers more than what the pay for, while giving them a statement piece to cherish forever in their home.

If you are undecided about the color, size, or style for your home PLEASE send us a message. We will offer the best advice we can regarding the information of your home :)

The process of building one of our items begins with the locating of barns near our hometown of Leesburg, Indiana! Now that we have been removing barns for a few years, we are much more aware of the condition the siding needs to be in order to build one of our clocks. We try to locate buildings where the siding is still in good condition with minimal weather damage. After a few years of being in business we now know the siding that best works for our product. Since 2016 we have removed 5 barns in our area. This is mainly Norm’s side of the business, but I also love going along! Going with him to barns is truly a reminder of the hard work he puts in to get all of the wood. My daughter and I will normally stand at the bottom while he feeds us pieces of wood to load into the trailer. I often see each piece of siding and wonder which clock it will make and what home it will go into. We hand select each piece of wood for every item that we make. From the removing of the siding to the packaging of the clock- we stay focused on giving you a timeless item to forever cherish in your home. 

behind the barn