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From start to finish there are many steps in making our clocks a completed item. Many of the wood we use can be over 100 years old- so a little TLC is likely in order. When hand selecting each piece of wood we always take into consideration the item that we are making. For instance, if we have an order for a natural wood clock, we are going to choose pieces with prominent wood grain. If a clock is ordered from our MODERN section, we are going to select pieces with minimal weathering. All of our clocks are assembled and cut out with a professional-grade router to create a precise circle. Sanding comes next, and that takes up most of the time when making an item. 

In fact, we dedicate a whole day every week just for sanding! We use a handheld and belt sander for the edge and face of the clock. We do our best to remove all the rough spots and get the clock as smooth as possible. The next step is painting, where each piece will receive several coats of paint (we use only aresol). The clocks will then sit overnight so that the paint can cure. All of the numbers are painted on using a low tac stencil film. The clock is fastened in the back with two additional wooden pieces that are securely drilled and screwed in. All clocks come ready to hang with cable that supports up to 30 lbs. Each item has a high torque movement that is silent sweep.

what goes into our clocks

frequently asked questions

What size clock should I get?

We offer 6 different sizes for you to choose from (15”, 20”, 25”, 30”, 36”, 40”). Since the very beginning I’ve always said the bigger the better- especially when working with an open space! I’m personally more of a simplistic decorator and I feel one clock can make a great statement piece without other décor surrounding it. Our 25”/30” clocks are most commonly purchased for living/dining spaces and our 15”/20” can be seen in kitchen/bathroom/bedroom spaces. If you are wanting a clock for your fireplace we most often sell 30”/36”. When choosing the size you want, a good way to measure is by taking painters tape and applying the length and width to your wall of the size your interested in. This will visually give you an idea of how the clock will look. 

What color should I go with?

We have pretty neutral shades in our shop so you really can’t go wrong. Choosing a color is a great way to express your own individual style! Our three most popular color selections are our natural wood, white, and chalk navy. When choosing the color you want consider going with a color that has a nice contrast against your wall. For example, if you have really light walls, going with a darker clock will look best. Whereas lighter walls, a darker grey or natural wood will look best. 

How long until I receive my clock?

We currently process our orders at the beginning of each week and have our items completed at the end of that week. For example, If you place your order Wednesday, we will begin making it Monday of that following week, then will ship out Friday of that same week. Orders are completed and shipped 1-1.5 weeks after you’ve placed your order. 

Why has my clock stopped working?

The most common reason a clock will stop working is if the hands are getting caught on one another. Fortunately, this can be a pretty easy fix by creating space between the hour/minute hands. We recommend bending the minute hand upward, and pushing the hour hand down onto the face of the clock. Just be careful not to have the hour hand too close to the clock for it may get stuck onto one of the siding pieces. Another troubleshooting tip is to remove the motor from the clock and then reinstall it. Often a screw can be too loose or threaded on unevenly. Please always be sure to put in a new alkaline battery. If after trying these tips without resolution please be sure to contact us. 

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