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Using old wood is amazing, but it’s also important that the siding is not too weathered or cracked. Our stain and paint will adhere best to siding that has a smooth finish on the front. We don’t try and hide the natural state of the siding, but rather have it work in favor of the clock and its overall appearance. It’s best if the siding hasn’t been exposed to too much outdoor elements (sun, rain, snow). The more it is protected on the inside, the better condition it will be once removed. The process of removing the barn siding is just as important! Rather than collapsing a barn then collecting the siding, we prefer if the foundation is still standing. 

This way we can keep many of the pieces from breaking. A jigsaw is used to cut the nails that hold the wood in place on the barn. By doing it this way the wood stays in the best condition possible.

Every clock we create is handmade from start to finish, so there will be variations in texture, technique and overall appearance. Keeping the wood in a natural state is very important to us, so with this in mind, some pieces may include knots, nail holes, or small cracks. No two clocks will look identical. 

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